About Us

We are a new Company, making new and tested Sleddog Matrial. .

Who we are

We are Musher and sell special and tested Sleddog Matrial. .

our mission

to Share all our experience at the future with this Matrial we use and can recommend . .


our advantages


We Drive Sleddog at Europe.

We are a couple of Musher who all drive Sleddog on big Races at Europe.


the goal.

in the future we will set up a blog here.


We will list here web links of big races as Information.


in the future the mushers can describe their impressions here.


useful links

  • Grandeodyssee
  • Lekkarod
  • Pyrenees
  • Sedivakuv-long

what We Do

We live to drive Sledge

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Special info

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